Infinitive 2012: Chapter 4: Prague

01 Apr

For the fourth trip this year, we travel to the Czech Republic. Founded during the Gothic and flourishing by the Renaissance eras, Prague was the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors and thus then also the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Nowadays it is the capital of the Czech Republic and home to approximately 2 million people. And for the last few years, Prague has grown as a touristic place for people from all around Europe. It’s an underestimated city in my eyes. Beautiful culture and from what I’ve heard a crazy nightlife scene. And to honor that nightlife, I’ve dedicated my April mix to this magnificent city. Featuring the return to Anjunadeep from Joonas Hahmo, a beautiful creation by Alex M.O.R.P.H and South African prodigy Protoculture and a very strong cooperation between Julie Thompson and Dutch prog-meister Leon Bolier, in this case remixed by fellow Dutchman Marc Simz.
Other tracks worth mentioning is the proof of still existing pure trance with Falcon’s remix of ‘Royal Blue’ by Adam Szabo and Willem de Roo, the return of the Ikerya Project to the Silent Shore imprint, a change of label by Simon O’Shine towards the Future Sound of Egypt for a cooperation between himself and Sergey Nevone and finally both John O’Callaghan and Heatbeat indulging in their love for 140 bpm: Las Lilas. Enjoy!

Chapter 4: Prague

01 | JAYTECH Synergy [Original Mix]
02 | JOONAS HAHMO Manor [Original Mix]
03 | OLIVER SMITH New Dawn [Sunny Lax Remix]
04 | ALEXANDER POPOV When The Sun [Eximinds Remix]
05 | ARAYA & WACH Tunland [Original Mix]
06 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H & PROTOCULTURE Waking Up The Stars [Original Mix]
07 | JULIE THOMPSON & LEON BOLIER Underwater [Marc Simz Remix]
08 | RAVE CHANNEL Illusion [Aimoon Remix]
09 | TENISHIA & RUBEN DE RONDE Marsascala [Alexander Popov Remix]
10 | WILL ATKINSON Somewhere Else [Club Mix]
11 | ADAM SZABO & WILLEM DE ROO Royal Blue [Falcon Remix]
12 | ALAN MORRIS & TRANCE ARTS Liberty [Original Mix]
13 | JAMES DYMOND Believe In Paradise [Original Mix]
14 | IKERYA PROJECT Epica [Original Mix]
15 | SERGEY NEVONE & SIMON O’SHINE Balearic Island [Garry Heaney Remix]
16 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN & HEATBEAT Las Lilas [Original Mix]

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