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Anjunabeats: In The Beginning

Before there was Deep, there was Beats. Established in 2000 by Above & Beyond and a mark in the trance scene ever since. For the last 2 years the sound of Anjunabeats has been changing towards the more progressive and tech oriented sound. But many many years ago they created a sound like no other. Amazing uplifting tunes and strictly higher BPMs. I thought I’d dedicate a mix to those sounds in a mix featuring only releases prior to 2004. This mix features many productions by the boys of Above & Beyond themselves, but also productions by Aalto (alias of Super8 & Tab), Rollerball (unforgettable ‘Albinoni’), Smith & Pledger and Rusch & Murray. Enjoy this trip to the past!

The Early Sounds of Anjunabeats

01 | SMITH & PLEDGER Forever [Vocal Mix]
02 | AALTO Rush [Super8 Remix]
03 | ENDRE Kallocain [Robert Nickson Remix]
04 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Sky Falls Down [Armin van Buuren Remix]
05 | ABOVE & BEYOND Far From In Love [San Francisco Mix]
06 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS TRANQUILITY BASE Razorfish [Above & Beyond Bangin’ Mix]
07 | NITROMETHANE Time To Die [Cosmicman Remix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND No One On Earth [Gabriel & Dresden Remix]
09 | AALTO Liquid Sweep [Super8 Remix]
10 | MATT HARDWICK VS. SMITH & PLEDGER Day One [Above & Beyond Remix]
11 | SUPER8 Alba
12 | ROLLERBALL Albioni [Above & Beyond Remix]
13 | RUSCH & MURRAY Epic [Above & Beyond Mix]
14 | P.O.S Remember (Summer Sun)
15 | DJ TAB Radiate

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Infinitive 2012: Chapter 8: Athens

And we’re back for the next chapter in Infinitive’s 2012 journey across Europe. This time we land in the ancient (and current) Greek capital Athens. Put aside all the financial trouble they’ve been going through over the past year and take a listen. And take a look at this magnificent city, because that’s what it is. Back to the mix; after some serious compiling issues I came up with these 16 bangers for this month’s compilation. Kicking off with the hard-hitting (and confusing perhaps) ‘Nothing But Less Than Three’ by Juventa, the Dutch superstar-to-be who is on a roll as of late. Further down this ancient road we find another kicking remix by Indonesian hero LTN. Also featured the release of the new Sunset EP by Russian duo Eximinds, a Nitrous Oxide Remix of Sunny Lax’s ‘Contrast’, capturing that current Oxide sound. Also we find a new (long awaited) release by Deepwide, remixed by UK trance master Temple One. This month, closure is provided with some serious uplifting by Solarstone with Aly & Fila and polish superstar Arctic Moon. Enjoy!

Chapter 8: Athens

01 | JUVENTA Nothing But Less Than Three [Original Mix]
02 | DIMENSION FT. ARIELLE MAREN Letting Go [EDU Progressive Remix]
03 | DASH BERLIN FT. CHRIS MADIN Silence In Your Heart [LTN Remix]
05 | EXIMINDS Sunrise 6AM [Original Mix]
06 | MOONSOULS Kilimanjaro [Oen Baeren Remix]
07 | STORE N FORWARD Oregano [Original Mix]
08 | SUNNY LAX Contrast [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
09 | ARMIN VAN BUUREN PRESENTS GAIA J’ai Envie De Toi [Protoculture Remix]
10 | DEEPWIDE Lacuna [Temple One Remix]
11 | RIGHT FACE Zero Gravity [Original Mix]
12 | CHRIS METCALFE Curveball [Original Mix]
13 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H FT. SYLVIA TOSUN Antara (The Circle) [Original Mix]
14 | C-SYSTEMS & BUSHI Ari [Suncatcher Remix]
15 | SOLARSTONE WITH ALY & FILA Fireisland [Aly & Fila Uplifting Mix]
16 | ARCTIC MOON Starships Over Alice [Original Mix]

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Le Reaux presents: The Best of Anjunabeats (Part 4)

Here is my fourth part in my dedication series to the greatness that is Anjunabeats. For almost 12 years they have been on top of the game but as of late their sound has changed and is has triggered some kind of hate with its fans. I sort of agree with them but lets not forget that they are adapting to whatever the scene is up to, and especially with the move towards the United States. Is it for the better? I don’t know, but I don’t mind the change in sound since there is more trance being offered which hasn’t changed a bit. But due to the many years in the scene and the respect they have gained over the years, I still worship Anjunabeats. These two mixes do capture more of this current ‘2.0’ sound with productions from Mat Zo, Arty, Norin & Rad and Ost & Meyer. The Original Mixes CD is very progressive oriented but it still offers uplifting beauties such as ‘Breaking Ties’ and ‘Soul Searchin’. The Remixes CD offers a lot of work from Above & Beyond and OceanLab so what’s not to like? Enjoy listening!

*Re-Upload 05-08*

The Original Mixes

01 | ANDREW BAYER Counting The Points
02 | PARKER & HANSON Arabesque
04 | NITROUS OXIDE iPeople
05 | MAT ZO & ARTY Mozart
06 | NORIN & RAD Bloom
07 | OST & MEYER Antalya
08 | MAT ZO Ring On It
11 | MAT ZO The Lost
12 | WHO.IS Cryptanalysis
13 | OLIVER SMITH Butterfly Effect
14 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. ANTON SONIN Black Is The New Yellow
15 | ARTY Zara
16 | SUNNY LAX Misgrey
18 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Breaking Ties [Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix]
19 | DANIEL KANDI Soul Searchin
20 | ADAM NICKEY Slider

The Remixes

01 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOE JOHNSTON You Got To Go [Dusky Remix]
02 | ANDREW BAYER FT. MOLLY BANCROFT Keep Your Secrets [Beckwith Remix]
03 | TATE & DIAMOND FT. NICOLAI Electrified [Michael Cassette Remix]
04 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOE JOHNSTON Good For Me [Redanka Remix]
05 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB If I Could Fly [Jaytech Remix]
06 | NITROUS OXIDE FT. ANEYM Follow You [Maor Levi Remix]
07 | ABOVE & BEYOND VS. KYAU & ALBERT Anphonic [Arty Remix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOE JOHNSTON Love Is Not Enough [Maor Levi & Bluestone Remix]
09 | SUPER8 & TAB Awakenings [Tritonal Remix]
10 | VELVETINE Safe (Wherever You Are) [Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Vocal Mix]
11 | MAT ZO Superman [Mike Koglin Remix]
12 | OST & MEYER Scarlet Heaven [Dan Stone Remix]
13 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. RICHARD BEDFORD Sun & Moon [Bart Claessen Lost Dub]
14 | ANDREW BAYER From The Earth [Breakfast Remix]
15 | ABOVE & BEYOND Can’t Sleep [Super8 & Tab Remix]
16 | DANIEL KANDI Breathe [7 Skies Remix]
17 | OLIVER SMITH Progress [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
18 | ABOVE & BEYOND Formula Rossa [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
19 | MAOR LEVI & RAUL SIBERDI Infatuation [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
20 | ARTY Rush [Dan Stone Remix]

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