Anjunabeats: In The Beginning

19 Aug

Before there was Deep, there was Beats. Established in 2000 by Above & Beyond and a mark in the trance scene ever since. For the last 2 years the sound of Anjunabeats has been changing towards the more progressive and tech oriented sound. But many many years ago they created a sound like no other. Amazing uplifting tunes and strictly higher BPMs. I thought I’d dedicate a mix to those sounds in a mix featuring only releases prior to 2004. This mix features many productions by the boys of Above & Beyond themselves, but also productions by Aalto (alias of Super8 & Tab), Rollerball (unforgettable ‘Albinoni’), Smith & Pledger and Rusch & Murray. Enjoy this trip to the past!

The Early Sounds of Anjunabeats

01 | SMITH & PLEDGER Forever [Vocal Mix]
02 | AALTO Rush [Super8 Remix]
03 | ENDRE Kallocain [Robert Nickson Remix]
04 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Sky Falls Down [Armin van Buuren Remix]
05 | ABOVE & BEYOND Far From In Love [San Francisco Mix]
06 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS TRANQUILITY BASE Razorfish [Above & Beyond Bangin’ Mix]
07 | NITROMETHANE Time To Die [Cosmicman Remix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND No One On Earth [Gabriel & Dresden Remix]
09 | AALTO Liquid Sweep [Super8 Remix]
10 | MATT HARDWICK VS. SMITH & PLEDGER Day One [Above & Beyond Remix]
11 | SUPER8 Alba
12 | ROLLERBALL Albioni [Above & Beyond Remix]
13 | RUSCH & MURRAY Epic [Above & Beyond Mix]
14 | P.O.S Remember (Summer Sun)
15 | DJ TAB Radiate

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