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The Best of: Enhanced Music Ltd. (Part 3)

My third part in de dedication series to the Enhanced Music Ltd. label. Again 2 CDs covering both major labels in the brand: Enhanced Recordings and Enhanced Progressive. Both mixes covering nearly 80 minutes spread across 15 tracks each. It’s all self-explanatory when you listen. Enjoy!

Enhanced Progressive: Part 2

01 | JUVENTA Land of Far Expectation [Original Mix]
02 | SOLID SKY FT. JAMA Going Around [PROFF Dub Mix]
03 | ARTY FT. TANIA ZYGAR The Wall [Original Extended Mix]
04 | AUDIEN The Reach [Original Mix]
05 | PERPETUAL FT. TIFF LACEY Restless [Matt Holliday Remix]
06 | SUPÜER Minerva [Estiva Remix]
07 | EXIMINDS Breeze At Night [Original Mix]
08 | IGNAS FT. JULIE THOMPSON Hold On [Maor Levi Club Mix]
09 | ANHKEN Tomorrow Again [Eximinds Remix]
10 | LTN Never Let Me Go [Anhken Sunset Remix]
11 | ATTRACTIVE DEEP SOUND Last Bullet [Abeyence Remix]
12 | MIKE DANIS Hurricane [Original Mix]
13 | SUNDRIVER Dreamer [Estiva Remix]
14 | SPEED LIMITS Bris [Colonial One Remix]
15 | LOGIC STORIES Nicole [Sindre Eide Remix]

Enhanced Recordings: Part 3

01 | ESTIVA & TANIA ZYGAR Death of Me [David Broaders Remix]
02 | FERRY TAYLE FT. HANNAH RAY Memory of Me [Jan Martin Remix]
03 | POSHOUT Lonely [Lost Connection Remix]
04 | NORIN & RAD Retrograde [Original Mix]
05 | PHILLIP ALPHA & DANIEL KANDI Sticks & Stones [Beat Service Sundown Remix]
06 | MIKE SONAR Wicked 7 [Original Mix]
07 | SEQUENTIA Eclipse [Broning Remix]
08 | OST & MEYER Safari [Original Mix]
09 | EXIMINDS FT. DRAGANA I Want To Fly Again [Original Mix]
10 | DAVID BROADERS The Best Is Yet To Come [Club Mix]
11 | ADAM SZABO & WILLEM DE ROO Royal Blue [Falcon Remix]
12 | JUVENTA As You Are [Marc Simz Remix]
13 | DANIEL KANDI & FERRY TAYLE Flying Blue [Original Mix]
14 | SUNCATCHER Welcome Home [Original Mix]
15 | EXOSTATE Without Warning [Suncatcher Remix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 28

Back with the 28th part in the live Reloop Sessions. Again a 15-track live recorded mix, live from my own bedroom. I stuck to my first CD container this time which resulted in bangers that go back 2 years at least. Absolute beauties with a certain Balearic feel to it such as ‘Never Fade Away’ (remixed by Andy Diguid) and ‘Sea of Lights’, once featured on the Magic Island compilation. Also Arty’s debut on Anjunabeats of which I just can’t get enough: ‘Rush’. Other instant classics such as ‘The Great Escape’ and revised true classics such as ‘The Beauty of Silence’ and ‘Platinum’ are included. Closure is done in true uplifting and Mediterranean atmosphere with ‘Anjunabeach’ and ‘Overseas’. Enjoy this small trip to the past!

01 | LEON BOLIER St. Kilda [Original Mix]
02 | BT FT. JES Every Other Way [Whelan & Di Scala Remix]
03 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN FT. LO-FI SUGAR Never Fade Away [Andy Diguid Remix]
04 | WALSH & MCAULEY FT. ANTONIA LUCAS Sea of Lights [Magic Island Rework]
05 | ARTY Rush [Original Mix]
06 | FABIO XB & RONNY PLAY FT. GABRIEL CAGE Inside of You [Cosmic Gate Remix]
07 | RANK 1 & JOCHEN MILLER The Great Escape [Extended Mix]
08 | SVENSON & GIELEN The Beauty of Silence [W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg Remix]
09 | MATT CASSAR PRESENTS MOST WANTED Seven Days and One Week [Myon & Shane 54 Remix]
10 | NENES & PASCAL FELIZ Platinum [Ben Gold Remix]
11 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN FT. JOSIE Out of Nowhere [Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Remix]
12 | DANIEL KANDI PRESENTS TIMMUS Symphonica [Original Mix]
13 | LEON BOLIER & MARCUS SCHOSSOW 2099 [Breakfast Remix]
14 | ABOVE & BEYOND Anjunabeach [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
15 | HENRIK CHRISTENSEN Overseas [Akesson Remix]

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Infinitive 2012: Chapter 10: Copenhagen

It’s been quiet for a while, but of course I’m back this month with a new part in the Infinitive Chapters for 2012. Releases have been amazing thus far and it didn’t stop in the past few weeks. Again I had trouble to compile a single mix for this month. So I ended up, again, with a double-CD for this month. Thirty-two tracks in two continuous mixes covering the amazement of the past 5 weeks. The first mix kicks off with a new release by the Dutch/Italian trio Suspect 44, remixed by new talent Terry Da Libra. Then quickly followed by the number one in the world with his new track ‘I’ll Listen’, featuring Ana Criado. Further down the road we find Paul Webster (release from Universal Religion Chapter 6) and Markus Schulz. Also included is Super8 & Tab’s latest release ‘Fiesta’. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. The rest is up to you to discover. The second CD kicks off with my own Intro Edit of ‘The Great Divide’ by Velvetine (Myon & Shane 54 featuring Aruna), new stuff by Genix, Tomas Heredia, Sequentia (boosting the return of Jaco), Snatt & Vix (amazing remix by Suncatcher) and the highly anticipated return of The Thrillseekers. Discover all the amazing stuff yourself. Enjoy!

Chapter 10: Copenhagen


01 | SUSPECT 44 Thoughts Uncovered [Terry Da Libra Remix]
02 | ARMIN VAN BUUREN FT. ANA CRIADO I’ll Listen [Original Mix]
03 | SUSANA & SHOGUN Only You [Original Mix]
05 | MARKUS SCHULZ FT. SERI Love Rain Down [Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix]
06 | SUPER8 & TAB Fiesta [Original Mix]
07 | JAMES POULTON Evolve [Original Mix]
08 | FABIO XB & WACH VS. ROMAN SOKOLOVSKY Eternal [Fabio XB Rework]
09 | WILLEM DE ROO Datamoon [Original Mix]
10 | REORDER & MIROSLAV VRLIK Once Upon A Moment [ReOrder Deep Mix]
11 | SOLARSTONE & GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI Falcons [Giuseppe Ottaviani On Air Mix]
12 | ALPHA DUO FT. JULIE HARRINGTON Still Far Away [A.R.D.I. Vocal Remix]
13 | FERRIN & MORRIS Iris [Original Mix]
14 | GARY PROUD Apollo’s Children [Original Mix]
15 | TIMMY RISE Oriental Flavour [Thomas G Remix]
16 | ELECTRIC TRAVELLER PRESENTS ELEMENTIA PROJECT Amsterdam Night Express [Running Man Remix]


01 | VELVETINE The Great Divide [Infinitive Intro]
02 | GENIX Destinations [Original Mix]
03 | TRITONAL FT. CRISTINA SOTO Still With Me [Stoneface & Terminal Remix]
04 | XB & LINNEA SCHOSSOW Be My All [Store N Forward Remix]
05 | TOMAS HEREDIA The Witch [Original Mix]
06 | SEQUENTIA & JACO Crossfire [Original Mix]
07 | DJ FEEL FT. AELYN Your Love [Bjorn Akesson]
08 | NITROUS OXIDE FT. JESS MORGAN Two Sides [Original Mix]
09 | AIMOON & ARS Lightyear [Boxer Remix]
10 | JORN VAN DEYNHOVEN Headliner [Original Mix]
11 | FULL TILT FT. KAT NOORBERGEN Letting Go [Jorn van Deynhoven Remix]
12 | SNATT & VIX FT. NEEV KENNEDY At The End Of The Day [Suncatcher Remix]
13 | FADY & MINA Kepler 22 [Original Mix]
14 | PAUL WEBSTER Nailed [James Dymond Remix]
15 | THE THRILLSEEKERS FT. STINE GROVE Everything [John O’Callaghan Remix]
16 | DREAMY Vermillion [Ikerya Project Remix]

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