Infinitive: The 2012 Yearbook

25 Dec

It’s here! Santa Claus has come to town. And he is bearing gifts. Four gifts all wrapped into one dedication to the year 2012. As promised before, and a tradition only going back to 2009 (that was my first Yearmix); my gift to all of you. The 2012 Infinitive Yearmix. Just like last year I had the Devil’s own job to select 100 tracks from throughout the year to form this magical collection of trance music. Even though 100 sounds like a lot (and to be honest, it is), I still had trouble selecting just those tracks I really liked. Because it has been a good year, unlike what some people have been saying over the past few months. Sayings of that the trance scene was spiraling downwards, the ‘true sound’ was disappearing, and the whole discussion that arose around Anjunabeats. But all of that was utter BS. The scene hasn’t gone downwards, not even close. If people pay close attention to what actually happens in the scene, than they can see that, yes the sound has changed noticeably, but the true sound isn’t gone. As shown by this year mix. Last year I included a lot of tracks from the Anjunabeats imprint and this year is no exception, but the sound of these releases has changed.

This year has been an excellent year, especially from the likes of Enhanced Recordings and Enhanced Progressive. Grew to be my favorite label of the year. I have included a lot of tracks from the Enhanced imprint, not even every track I liked. I needed room for all the other tracks from other labels. It has been the year of new talents: Norin & Rad, Ost & Meyer, Jjoo, Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic, Broning, LTN and Suncatcher.

So what is this year mix all about? As I’ve said: 100 tracks spread across 4 CDs, all around the 2 hours and 15 minute mark. Featuring what was the best in trance music, in my opinion. And yes, before you all start correcting me, tracks 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 aren’t technically trance, but they do serve an excellent start to a 2+ hours mix.

That is all I have to say for now. I hope you all enjoy this trip down 2012 Memory Lane. And of course my best wishes for 2013 and a very very happy Christmas. Hoping 2013 can deliver the same music magical-ness!

Infinitive Yearbook


01 | JODY WISTERNOFF FT. PETE JOSEF How You Make Me Smile [Celsius Remix]
02 | MAT ZO It’s Yours [Original Mix]
03 | PAUL VAN DYK FT. ARTY The Ocean [Extended Mix]
04 | JPL & VITALY Blue [JPL Club Mix]
05 | JAN MARTIN Exemption [Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix]
06 | RADION6 Lost In Space [Original Mix]
07 | JJOO One Night In Seoul [Original Mix]
08 | ADAM KANCERSKI Orion [Original Mix]
09 | MIKE DANIS Hurricane [Original Mix]
10 | DASH BERLIN FT. CHRIS MADIN Silence In Your Heart [LTN Remix]
11 | COSMIC GATE & ARNEJ Sometimes They Come Back For More [Extended Mix]
12 | EMMA HEWITT Colours [Cosmic Gate Remix]
13 | CAROL LEE Edge of a Broken Heart [Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado Remix]
14 | MIKE FOYLE & REFEEL Universal Language [Ben Gold Remix]
15 | ANDREW BAYER FT. MOLLY BANCROFT Keep Your Secrets [Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix]
16 | SEAN TYAS & GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI Arcobaleno [Classic Mix]
17 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. JAN BURTON Black Is Back [Classic Vocal Mix]
19 | DEEPWIDE Lacuna [Temple One Remix]
20 | ANDY TAU & SEAN TRUBY Rapture [Suncatcher Remix]
21 | ESTIVA & TANIA ZYGAR Death of Me [Ferry Tayle Remix]
22 | SNATT & VIX & NEEV KENNEDY At The End Of The Day [Suncatcher Remix]
23 | SUNCATCHER Welcome Home [Original Mix]
24 | MATT DAVEY Nemesis [Uplifting Mix]
25 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN Smokescreen [Sneijder Remix]


01 | JUVENTA Suèdine [Original Mix]
02 | THE BLIZZARD Piercing The Fog [Original Mix]
03 | SOLARITY Primordial [Original Mix]
04 | BLUESTONE Capetown [Original Mix]
05 | MATT DAREY & STAN KOLEV FT. AELYN Follow You [The Madison Remix]
06 | DREAS VS. ALEX ROBERT Miramar [Original Mix]
07 | JUVENTA VS. ANSWER42 Like These Eyes [Juventa Mix]
08 | WILL HOLLAND FT. JEZA Every Heartbeat [Beat Service Remix]
09 | JULIE THOMPSON & LEON BOLIER Underwater [Marc Simz Remix]
10 | EMMA HEWITT Miss You Paradise [Shogun Remix]
11 | ARMIN VAN BUUREN PRESENTS GAIA J’ai Envie De Toi [Original Mix]
12 | BRONING Reinspired [Original Mix]
13 | WILLEM DE ROO Datamoon [Original Mix]
14 | PROTOCULTURE Cobalt [Original Mix]
15 | OST & MEYER Safari [Original Mix]
16 | SOLARSTONE WITH GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI Falcons [Giuseppe Ottaviani On Air Mix]
17 | ADAM SZABO & WILLEM DE ROO Royal Blue [Falcon Remix]
18 | MATT BUKOVSKI In Dreams [Original Mix]
19 | DANIEL KANDI FT. SARAH RUSSELL Change The World [Uplifting Mix]
20 | C-SYSTEMS & BUSHI Ari [Suncatcher Remix]
21 | CATHY BURTON Reach Out To Me [Faruk Sabanci Remix]
23 | JAMIE HARRISON Collider [Original Mix]
24 | FREE GATE Hymn [Araya & Wach Remix]
25 | DOUBLEV Perfect D [Ahmed Romel Remix]


01 | BT Flaming June [Jaytech vs. James Grant Remix]
02 | PARKER & HANSON Afterthought [Original Mix]
03 | JUVENTA The Kite [Original Mix]
04 | VADIM SOLOVIEV Forma Perpetua [Original Mix]
05 | NORIN & RAD Retrograde [Original Mix]
06 | ARMIN VAN BUUREN FT. ANA CRIADO Suddenly Summer [Original Mix]
07 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOË JOHNSTON Love Is Not Enough [Maor Levi & Bluestone Remix]
08 | JAYTECH FT. STEVE SMITH Stranger [Kyau & Albert Remix]
09 | CRAIG CONNELLY Manchester AM [2012 Club Mix]
10 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H & PROTOCULTURE Waking Up The Stars [Original Mix]
11 | VELVETINE The Great Divide [Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix]
12 | FALCON Parallax [Original Mix]
13 | SPACE ROCKERZ FT. ELLIE LAWSON So Out Of Reach [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
14 | NITROUS OXIDE & DAN STONE Nautica [Original Mix]
15 | OST & MEYER Britanica [Original Mix]
16 | STONEFACE & TERMINAL Green Velvet [Club Mix]
17 | DAVID BROADERS The Best Is Yet To Come [Club Mix]
18 | DARK MATTERS FT. JESS MORGAN The Real You [Jorn van Deynhoven Remix]
19 | MATT BUKOVSKI Retrospection [Original Mix]
20 | A.R.D.I. Premonition [Original Mix]
21 | ABSTRACT VISION & ELITE ELECTRONIC Always Loved U [Original Mix]
22 | CHRIS METCALFE Curveball [Original Mix]
23 | DANIEL KANDI Insert Generic Title [Original Mix]
24 | MATT BOWDIDGE No Room To Breathe [Original Mix]
25 | GARETH EMERY FT. CHRISTINA NOVELLI Concrete Angel [John O’Callaghan Remix]


01 | ANSWER42 The Lemon Effect [PROFF Remix]
02 | SOUNDPRANK Midas [Original Mix]
03 | JOONAS HAHMO Manor [Original Mix]
04 | OLIVER SMITH Progress [Original Mix]
05 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOË JOHNSTON Alchemy [Above & Beyond Club Mix]
06 | BLUESTONE Namaste [Original Mix]
07 | LTN Ordinary People [Anhken Remix]
09 | ALY & FILA VS. JWAYDAN Coming Home [Eximinds Remix]
10 | SUPER8 & TAB Awakenings [Original Mix]
11 | MIKE KOGLIN VS. GENIX Dyno [Original Mix]
12 | DIGITAL X Odyssey [Original Mix]
13 | ANDY MOOR K Ta [Original Mix]
14 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. RICHARD BEDFORD On My Way To Heaven [Extended Album Mix]
15 | BOOM JINX & DANIEL KANDI Azzura [Original Mix]
17 | TENISHIA & RUBEN DE RONDE Marsascala [Alexander Popov Remix]
18 | ANDREW RAYEL Aeon of Revenge [Original Mix]
19 | RALPHIE B The Holy Grail [Original Mix]
20 | ECO A Millions Sounds, A Thousand Smiles [Original Mix]
21 | NEXUS 3 State of Wonder [Original Mix]
22 | THE THRILLSEEKERS FT. STINE GROVE Everything [John O’Callaghan Remix]
23 | SOLARSTONE WITH ALY & FILA Fireisland [Aly & Fila Uplifting Mix]
24 | SEBASTIAN BRANDT Mana [Original Mix]
25 | ARCTIC MOON Starships Over Alice [Original Mix]

Downloads are on request. Send me a message if you want to indulge yourself in the 2012 beauties

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