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Le Reaux presents: Infinitive 2013-I

It’s here! The first part of the 2013 Infinitive series. Slight change in plans; I made it even harder for myself to choose between tracks that have been released over the past few weeks by selecting fewer slots for my mix. Fourteen tracks each month. But as much as I love trance, and that’ll never change, I do see a downgrade in the sound (and bpm) of trance. And it’s not all for the good. See what it brings us in 2013. For now, I’ve selected these 14 tracks for the first mix. Featuring the recognizable though slightly enjoyable sound of Audien (it resembles much of his previous track ‘Eventide’ and his remix for Jaytech’s ‘Multiverse’) but it’s a catchy tune. Serves as a nice bridge towards the rest of the mix. LTN returns, Mike Danis joins forces with Johnny Yono and Estiva is back to old form with ‘Smiley Smilesworth’. The rest is up to you to discover. Enjoy!

Infinitive 2013.001 - Cover

Part I

01 | SEBASTIAN WEIKUM It Moves On [Roddy Reynaert Remix]
02 | AUDIEN Wayfarer [Original Mix]
03 | LTN Moments Between Us [Original Mix]
04 | JAN MARTIN & THE MADISON Lack of Trust [Original Mix]
05 | LUIGI LUSINI PRESENTS GALAXIA LL Don’t Wanna Be Alone [Original Mix]
06 | FRONT Suru [Denis Sender Remix]
07 | MIKE DANIS & JOHNNY YONO Ambrosia [Original Mix]
08 | ESTIVA Smiley Smilesworth [Original Mix]
09 | ANA CRIADO Can’t Hold Back The Rain [Stoneface & Terminal Remix]
10 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H FT. SHANNON HURLEY Monday Morning Madness [Original Mix]
11 | ABSTRACT VISION & ELITE ELECTRONIC VS. BRONING Relict [Basil O’Glue & Styller Remix]
12 | BEN NICKY Gemini [Luke Bond Remix]
13 | BJORN AKESSON Sol [Original Mix]
14 | FERRY TAYLE & DARREN PORTER Neptune’s Siren [Original Mix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 30 [2CD]

Hello and welcome to 2013. To make sure we don’t make any mistakes while kicking off this new year, I decided to take one step ahead and present you with the first Reloop Sessions of 2013. The recipe is unchanged from 2012 and we keep on going like this for the rest of this year. Because why would you change a winning team? They always claim that you shouldn’t do that, so we don’t. Thirty unbelievable tracks in two continuous mixes for this celebratory 30th edition. And I’m not gonna stop. And keep an eye out on this blog for the new Infinitive 2013 series and also a new project, kicking off early February 2013: Electronic Essence. Like us!

Reloop Sessions 30 - Cover


01 | SOUNDPRANK The Time Machine [Timeless Intro Edit]
02 | SHAWN MITISKA FT. HANNAH RAY Salt [Original Vocal Mix]
03 | OCEANLAB VS. MIKE SHIVER If I Could Fly On The Surface [Daniel Kandi Mashup]
04 | JAYTECH Multiverse [Mimax Remix]
05 | JAN MARTIN Lost Tonight [Willem de Roo & Stunson Dub Mix]
06 | TENISHIA Shores of Eden [Original Mix]
07 | JJOO & KEVIN CHARM Dreaming In Slow Motion [Johnny Yono Remix]
08 | RIGHT FACE Pink Sand [Mike Danis Remix]
09 | PAUL PEARSON Eternally [Original Mix]
10 | DASH BERLIN FT. SOLID SESSIONS Janeiro [Signum Remix]
11 | BOOM JINX & OLIVER SMITH Sunrise [Volume Six Edit]
12 | TRITONAL FT. CRISTINA SOTO Still With Me [Suncatcher Remix]
13 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. JULIE THOMPSON My Enemy [Club Mix]
14 | ARMIN VAN BUUREN FT. ANA CRIADO I’ll Listen [John O’Callaghan Dark Mix]
15 | ALY & FILA FT. JWAYDAN We Control The Sunlight [Original Mix]


01 | JAYTECH & JAMES GRANT Moth [Martin Roth Remix]
02 | MATT DAREY FT. KATE LOUISE SMITH Still Waters [Colorless Remix]
03 | ANDREW BAYER Polylith [Original Mix]
04 | JAYTECH Delta [Original Mix]
05 | ESTIVA & CARDINAL FT. ARIELLE MAREN Wait Forever [Estiva Mix]
06 | ADAM SZABO Arcade [Willem de Roo Remix]
07 | ESTIVA FT. JOSIE Better Days [Norin & Rad Remix]
08 | REEVES Dreams [Jon O’Bir Remix]
09 | BRONING Solaris [Original Mix]
10 | TRITONAL & SIBICKY Suzu [Ben Gold Remix]
11 | CHAPTER XJ Believe [Matt Bukovski Remix]
12 | TEMPLE ONE Walk The Line [Original Mix]
13 | FALCON Aquila [Original Mix]
14 | CHRIS METCALFE Watching Over Me [Original Mix]
15 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H WITH HANNAH When I Close My Eyes [Aly & Fila Remix]

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