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The Best of: Enhanced Music Ltd. (Part 3)

My third part in de dedication series to the Enhanced Music Ltd. label. Again 2 CDs covering both major labels in the brand: Enhanced Recordings and Enhanced Progressive. Both mixes covering nearly 80 minutes spread across 15 tracks each. It’s all self-explanatory when you listen. Enjoy!

Enhanced Progressive: Part 2

01 | JUVENTA Land of Far Expectation [Original Mix]
02 | SOLID SKY FT. JAMA Going Around [PROFF Dub Mix]
03 | ARTY FT. TANIA ZYGAR The Wall [Original Extended Mix]
04 | AUDIEN The Reach [Original Mix]
05 | PERPETUAL FT. TIFF LACEY Restless [Matt Holliday Remix]
06 | SUPÜER Minerva [Estiva Remix]
07 | EXIMINDS Breeze At Night [Original Mix]
08 | IGNAS FT. JULIE THOMPSON Hold On [Maor Levi Club Mix]
09 | ANHKEN Tomorrow Again [Eximinds Remix]
10 | LTN Never Let Me Go [Anhken Sunset Remix]
11 | ATTRACTIVE DEEP SOUND Last Bullet [Abeyence Remix]
12 | MIKE DANIS Hurricane [Original Mix]
13 | SUNDRIVER Dreamer [Estiva Remix]
14 | SPEED LIMITS Bris [Colonial One Remix]
15 | LOGIC STORIES Nicole [Sindre Eide Remix]

Enhanced Recordings: Part 3

01 | ESTIVA & TANIA ZYGAR Death of Me [David Broaders Remix]
02 | FERRY TAYLE FT. HANNAH RAY Memory of Me [Jan Martin Remix]
03 | POSHOUT Lonely [Lost Connection Remix]
04 | NORIN & RAD Retrograde [Original Mix]
05 | PHILLIP ALPHA & DANIEL KANDI Sticks & Stones [Beat Service Sundown Remix]
06 | MIKE SONAR Wicked 7 [Original Mix]
07 | SEQUENTIA Eclipse [Broning Remix]
08 | OST & MEYER Safari [Original Mix]
09 | EXIMINDS FT. DRAGANA I Want To Fly Again [Original Mix]
10 | DAVID BROADERS The Best Is Yet To Come [Club Mix]
11 | ADAM SZABO & WILLEM DE ROO Royal Blue [Falcon Remix]
12 | JUVENTA As You Are [Marc Simz Remix]
13 | DANIEL KANDI & FERRY TAYLE Flying Blue [Original Mix]
14 | SUNCATCHER Welcome Home [Original Mix]
15 | EXOSTATE Without Warning [Suncatcher Remix]

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Anjunabeats: In The Beginning

Before there was Deep, there was Beats. Established in 2000 by Above & Beyond and a mark in the trance scene ever since. For the last 2 years the sound of Anjunabeats has been changing towards the more progressive and tech oriented sound. But many many years ago they created a sound like no other. Amazing uplifting tunes and strictly higher BPMs. I thought I’d dedicate a mix to those sounds in a mix featuring only releases prior to 2004. This mix features many productions by the boys of Above & Beyond themselves, but also productions by Aalto (alias of Super8 & Tab), Rollerball (unforgettable ‘Albinoni’), Smith & Pledger and Rusch & Murray. Enjoy this trip to the past!

The Early Sounds of Anjunabeats

01 | SMITH & PLEDGER Forever [Vocal Mix]
02 | AALTO Rush [Super8 Remix]
03 | ENDRE Kallocain [Robert Nickson Remix]
04 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Sky Falls Down [Armin van Buuren Remix]
05 | ABOVE & BEYOND Far From In Love [San Francisco Mix]
06 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS TRANQUILITY BASE Razorfish [Above & Beyond Bangin’ Mix]
07 | NITROMETHANE Time To Die [Cosmicman Remix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND No One On Earth [Gabriel & Dresden Remix]
09 | AALTO Liquid Sweep [Super8 Remix]
10 | MATT HARDWICK VS. SMITH & PLEDGER Day One [Above & Beyond Remix]
11 | SUPER8 Alba
12 | ROLLERBALL Albioni [Above & Beyond Remix]
13 | RUSCH & MURRAY Epic [Above & Beyond Mix]
14 | P.O.S Remember (Summer Sun)
15 | DJ TAB Radiate

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Le Reaux presents: The Best of Anjunabeats (Part 4)

Here is my fourth part in my dedication series to the greatness that is Anjunabeats. For almost 12 years they have been on top of the game but as of late their sound has changed and is has triggered some kind of hate with its fans. I sort of agree with them but lets not forget that they are adapting to whatever the scene is up to, and especially with the move towards the United States. Is it for the better? I don’t know, but I don’t mind the change in sound since there is more trance being offered which hasn’t changed a bit. But due to the many years in the scene and the respect they have gained over the years, I still worship Anjunabeats. These two mixes do capture more of this current ‘2.0’ sound with productions from Mat Zo, Arty, Norin & Rad and Ost & Meyer. The Original Mixes CD is very progressive oriented but it still offers uplifting beauties such as ‘Breaking Ties’ and ‘Soul Searchin’. The Remixes CD offers a lot of work from Above & Beyond and OceanLab so what’s not to like? Enjoy listening!

*Re-Upload 05-08*

The Original Mixes

01 | ANDREW BAYER Counting The Points
02 | PARKER & HANSON Arabesque
04 | NITROUS OXIDE iPeople
05 | MAT ZO & ARTY Mozart
06 | NORIN & RAD Bloom
07 | OST & MEYER Antalya
08 | MAT ZO Ring On It
11 | MAT ZO The Lost
12 | WHO.IS Cryptanalysis
13 | OLIVER SMITH Butterfly Effect
14 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. ANTON SONIN Black Is The New Yellow
15 | ARTY Zara
16 | SUNNY LAX Misgrey
18 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Breaking Ties [Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix]
19 | DANIEL KANDI Soul Searchin
20 | ADAM NICKEY Slider

The Remixes

01 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOE JOHNSTON You Got To Go [Dusky Remix]
02 | ANDREW BAYER FT. MOLLY BANCROFT Keep Your Secrets [Beckwith Remix]
03 | TATE & DIAMOND FT. NICOLAI Electrified [Michael Cassette Remix]
04 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOE JOHNSTON Good For Me [Redanka Remix]
05 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB If I Could Fly [Jaytech Remix]
06 | NITROUS OXIDE FT. ANEYM Follow You [Maor Levi Remix]
07 | ABOVE & BEYOND VS. KYAU & ALBERT Anphonic [Arty Remix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. ZOE JOHNSTON Love Is Not Enough [Maor Levi & Bluestone Remix]
09 | SUPER8 & TAB Awakenings [Tritonal Remix]
10 | VELVETINE Safe (Wherever You Are) [Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Vocal Mix]
11 | MAT ZO Superman [Mike Koglin Remix]
12 | OST & MEYER Scarlet Heaven [Dan Stone Remix]
13 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. RICHARD BEDFORD Sun & Moon [Bart Claessen Lost Dub]
14 | ANDREW BAYER From The Earth [Breakfast Remix]
15 | ABOVE & BEYOND Can’t Sleep [Super8 & Tab Remix]
16 | DANIEL KANDI Breathe [7 Skies Remix]
17 | OLIVER SMITH Progress [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
18 | ABOVE & BEYOND Formula Rossa [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
19 | MAOR LEVI & RAUL SIBERDI Infatuation [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
20 | ARTY Rush [Dan Stone Remix]

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Anjunadeep: The Early Years (Part 1)

This mix is another dedication to my favorite label in the business. But this time, it’s not a random selection of 25 tracks from all over the Anjunadeep era. Now I decided to collect the 15 most recognizable tracks from the early years of Anjunadeep’s existence. It all started in 2005 with the last two tracks in this mix; ‘Need For Cognition’ by Hawk and the legendary ‘Larry Mountains 54’. From there on legendary names began to drop in: Jaytech, Michael Cassette and Komytea are still renowned names on the Deep imprint. This mix also captures the early Anjunadeep sounds, the sounds which made this label is what it is today. It’s a trademark sound. Enjoy!

The Early Sounds of Anjunadeep

01 | BOOM JINX Too Free Too Follow
02 | JAYTECH Sundance
03 | PROFF My Personal Summer
05 | ELECTROBIOS & INTERPLAY With You [Jaytech Remix]
07 | JUNK SCIENCE My Name Is Jacques [Simuck Plastic Funk Mix]
08 | LEONI & ANDREW K Next To Me [Johan Vermeulen Dub Mix]
09 | DAVID WEST Welsh Morphology [Charles Gudagavfa Remix]
10 | JAYTECH Spacelift
11 | JOONAS HAHMO Cocktail Bar
12 | KOMYTEA Professional Killers [Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix]
13 | MAOR LEVI Lital
14 | HAWK Need For Cognition [Planisphere Remix]

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The Best of: Enhanced Music Ltd. (Part 2)

Here is my second part in the Best of Enhanced Music Ltd. dedication series. Again a CD from both labels filled with unimaginable beauty. The Enhanced Progressive mix contains tracks that will never be forgotten such as ‘Absynthe’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’ and tracks that shook the floor over the past few months and will go down in history as beauties as well. Tracks such as ‘Pink Variations’, ‘Sink Into Me’, ‘Heavenly’ and the amazing ‘Suèdine’ by Juventa. The second CD is filled with tracks with the same nature as the first ones. Amazing uplifting creations such as ‘Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day’, ‘Beautiful Days’ and ‘Insert Generic Title.’ These are two 80 minute journeys just waiting to be explored. Enjoy!

Enhanced Progressive: Part 2

01 | LTN Ordinary People [Jason van Wyk Remix]
02 | JUVENTA Suèdine [Original Mix]
03 | TERRY DA LIBRA Heavenly [Original Mix]
04 | ARTY Twilight Tonight [Arty Remode]
05 | SIMON GAIN & KRIS O’NEIL Endless Love [Original Mix]
06 | JPL & VITALY Blue [JPL Club Mix]
07 | ARTY Absynthe [Original Mix]
08 | TEMPLE ONE FT. HANNAH RAY Autumn Leaves [Estiva Remix]
09 | PROGRESSIVER Pink Variations [Original Mix]
10 | CARDINAL FT. ARIELLE MAREN Sink Into Me [Protoculture Remix]
11 | MAARTEN HERCULES Harmonics [Eluna vs. Jon O’Bir Remix]
12 | LANG & YEP FT. MANON POLARE Nevertheless [Nifra Remix]
13 | AGULO FT. DAVID BERKELEY Fire Sign [Will Holland Remix]
14 | RAPHA Andromeda [Norin & Rad Remix]
15 | MARTIJN STEGERHOEK Seven Chances [Original Mix]

Enhanced Recordings: Part 2

01 | SONIC ELEMENT Amenity [Store ‘n Forward Remix]
03 | SEQUENTIA Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day [Original Mix]
04 | TEMPLE ONE FT. NEEV KENNEDY Love The Fear [Original Mix]
05 | MATT HOLIDAY FT. MQUE Your Touch [Adam Nickey Remix]
06 | JACO Beautiful Days [Juventa Remix]
07 | ESTIVA I Feel Fine [Suncatcher Remix]
08 | TANIA MANN & PETER DAFNOUS PRESENT APOLLONIA Remote Kontrol [Adam Nickey Remix]
10 | ROMI PRESENTS 2SPACES FT. VIKTOR GINNER Into The Air [Will Holland & Temple One Remix]
11 | ADAM NICKEY PRESENTS BLUE 8 Eleventh Street [Suncatcher Remix]
12 | FERRY TAYLE & STATIC BLUE L’Acrobat [Andy Blueman Remix]
13 | STONEVALLEY Hybrid [Original Mix]
14 | DANIEL KANDI Insert Generic Title [Original Mix]
15 | REDSTAR Awakening [Original Mix]

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The Best of: Enhanced Music Ltd.

There are a lot of record labels in the trance business, but only a few of them really catch my eye. One of them is the Anjunabeats imprint from the boys of Above & Beyond. Many dedication mixes have found their way to the world wide web in recent months. The other one is the rather underrated Silent Shore label from DJ and producer ReOrder. If you’re looking for quality uplifting, and only uplifting: Silent Shore Records (including its sublabels Silent Shore White and Silent Shore Deep) is the place to be.
But if you’re into more than just uplifting, you should pay a visit to the sounds of Enhanced Music Ltd. The label founded by Will Holland in early 2005 features many different elements of trance, all quality, and it doesn’t stop. The complete range of labels from Enhanced Music feature Enhanced Recordings, Enhanced Progressive, Enhanced Limited, Digital Society Recordings, Colorize, Always Alive Recordings, Supercomps and Air Up There Recordings. I love these labels very much , every single one of them. So I decided to make 2 dedication mixes of the two biggest ones: Recordings and Progressive. Featuring 15 tracks widely selected per label and mixed together. Featuring tracks from the ‘early days’ in 2005/2006 as well as brand new stuff from late 2011. Last year was a memorable year for Enhanced Recordings because it welcomed its 100th release. And I think that Enhanced Progressive will follow this year (it’s now up to its 77th release). So enjoy these two mixes and expect more in the near future, because the discography is big enough to mix some more tracks together.

01 | HOKKAIDO FT. ANGE Here To Stay [Progressive Mix]
02 | ARTY Love Inside Out [Original Mix]
03 | TEMPLE ONE PRESENTS TU CASA Escape [Original Mix]
04 | PAUL TARRANT Sunset Serenade [Gery Rydell Remix]
05 | CARL B Just A Thought [Allende Remix]
06 | ABDUL BAYYARI FT. JOSH MONEY 400 Years Till Dawn [Eelke Kleijn Remix]
07 | AUDIEN People Do Not Change [Audien & Shawn Mitiska Revamp]
08 | MATT BUKOVSKI FT. TIFF LACEY Swept Away [Alexander Popov Remix]
09 | D-MAD She Gave Happiness [Arty Remode]
10 | SAND & SENSE Cold Night [The Flyers & Mike Sonar’s Original Mix]
11 | MICHAEL ANGELO FT. JENRY R. Disconnected [Myon & Shane 54 Vocal Mix]
12 | JUVENTA Summernight Symphony [Original Mix]
13 | MIND’S EYE FT. EMPHASED REALITY Shimmer [Ljungqvist Remix]
14 | AUDIEN Eleven Eleven [Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix]
15 | SOLARITY Laika [Ashley Wallbridge Remix]

01 | TRITONAL Utopia (Take Me Away) [Arty Remix]
02 | DANIEL KANDI & PHILLIP ALPHA If It Ain’t Broke [Willem de Roo Remix]
03 | EIDE & ANDRÉZ Forget Me [Estiva Remix]
04 | ESTIVA PRESENTS SUNOVER Everlasting Memories [Original Mix]
05 | SPIRAL STORY Spiral Story [Menno de Jong Remix]
06 | JAN JOHNSTON MEETS JUSSI SORO Merge [Sequentia Remix]
07 | TEMPLE ONE World Beyond [Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha Remix]
08 | TRITONAL Photographique [Original Mix]
10 | WILL HOLLAND FT. JEZA Start Again [Juventa Remix]
11 | HODEL & HORNBLAD Hydrogen [Michael Angelo Remix]
12 | ESTIVA & TEMPLE ONE November Lovely [Temple One Mix]
13 | FERRY TAYLE & STATIC BLUE Trapeze [Daniel Kandi’s Emotional Remix]
14 | WILL HOLLAND FT. LINE FROYSET Things That Happen [Mystery Islands Remix]
15 | SINDRE EIDE Two Against The World [Jorn van Deynhoven Remix]

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Anjunabeats: The Worshiping continues

Still pumping out release after release, the Anjunabeats imprint hardly ever disappoints. They manage to release a track almost week after week, and most of the time that are quality tunes. There were some tracks this year on which I had my doubts, but the worked their way into my heart over the time being. I do have to say that there are tracks that never managed that, and never will. Arty’s re-invention of Daft Punk’s “Around The World” was alright (got too much hype though), but the remixes where absolutely dreadful. A remix by Tocadisco, some weird crappy Tonka Afro-something Remix, one by Topher Jones (came the closest to the original) and a Two Pearls Rock & Sven Kirchhof Remix. Absolute crap. I’d rather listen to my mother all day than this. Other exceptions on the ‘Never Disappointing’ rule, where “Millenia” by Mat Zo, Mat Zo’s Electrified Dub of Tate & Diamond’s “Electrified”, “Sea Lo Que Sea Será” by Above & Beyond with Miguel Bosé and the still to be released “Mozart” by Arty & Mat Zo.
There ever rising discussion about Anjunabeats losing their edge isn’t helping either. I share some of those opinions, but if you see that Nitrous Oxide’s “Follow You”, Super8 & Tab’s “My Enemy” and Nitrous Oxide’s Remix of “Infatuation” by Maor Levi and Raul Siberdi are still quality tunes, I don’t think that Beats has lost its edge. Just a change in the scene which Anjunabeats follows. I never speak of Trance 2.0, cause I simply think that’s rubbish to say that. But looking through the discography, I again managed to pull out 40 tracks to fill again 2 compilations. One with purely original or extended mixes and one with remixes. Check out the tracklist and see for yourself if Anjunabeats has lost its edge, or if the long lived reputation cancels that fact.

01 | OLIVER SMITH  Horizons
02 | MYON & SHANE 54  The Beach
04 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. JAN BURTON  Empire
05 | EDU & CRAMP  Human Turbines
06 | ABOVE & BEYOND  Formula Rossa
07 | SUNNY LAX  Contrast
08 | CRAMP  Catch The Eye
10 | SIGNALRUNNERS  Electric Sheep
11 | MIKE KOGLIN  Sunstar
13 | COLD BLUE  Orient Sun
15 | SUPER8 & TAB  Needs to feel
16 | ADAM NICKEY  Callista
17 | DANIEL KANDI  Just For You
18 | NITROUS OXIDE  Amnesia
19 | SUPER8 + DJ TAB  First Aid
20 | DAN STONE  Made In Bahrain 2010

01 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRES. OCEANLAB  Sirens of the Sea [Sonorous Remix]
02 | SLUSNIK LUNA  Sun 2011 [Joonas Hahmo Remix]
03 | CLAESSEN & MARTENS  The Man Who Knew Too Much [Vadim Soloviev Remix]
04 | NITROUS OXIDE  Downforce [Mike Shiver’s “Garden State” Mix]
05 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. JAN BURTON  Mercy [Alex Kunnari Remix]
06 | BOOM JINX FT. JUSTINE SUISSA  Phoenix from the Flames [Omnia & The Blizzard Remix]
07 | MIKE SHIVER & ARUNA  Everywhere You Are [Duderstadt Vocal Mix]
08 | CRAMP  Deadline [Front Remix]
09 | SIGNALRUNNERS & JULIE THOMPSON  These Shoulders [Andy Moor Remix]
10 | OLIVER SMITH  Symmetry [7 Skies Remix]
11 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. MIGUEL BOSÉ  Sea Lo Que Sea Será [Myon & Shane 54 Remix]
12 | SUNNY LAX  P.U.M.A [Mat Zo Remix]
13 | SUPER8  Cre8 [Mike Saint-Jules Remix]
14 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRES. OCEANLAB  Lonely Girl [Gareth Emery Remix]
15 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. ANTON SONIN  Black Is The New Yellow [Activa Remix]
16 | BART CLAESSEN & DAVE SCHIEMANN  Madness [Super8 & Tab Remix]
17 | ABOVE & BEYOND  Good For Me [Darren Tate Mix]
18 | STEPHEN J. KROOS  Formalistick [Leon Bolier Remix]
19 | SUNNY LAX  Reborn [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
20 | MIKE KOGLIN VS. P.O.S  Untitled Audio  [Nitrous Oxide Remix]

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