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All my seperate mixes recorded live @ home

Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 31

There is no stopping me! Another mix has landed on the internet. Since I have so much spare time on my hands I decided to spend that time making mixes. My decks could use a breather right now. Again I managed to squeeze 15 tracks into an almost 80 minute continuous mix, for all of you to enjoy. Kicking off with progressive beauties from Full Tilt (my own intro fix), Answer42, a 2012 revision of Tranquility Base’s classic ‘Razorfish’ and a surprisingly nice track by Boxer on Digital Society Recordings. But things turn around for the good quite quickly with a stunning remix by Re:Locate and Robert Nickson and Juventa’s re-creation of Anjunadeep’s first release ‘Larry Mountains 54’. Also some insane classics pass through such as a rather unconventional remix of ‘Beautiful Together’ by the Signalrunners and classic vocal tracks by Above & Beyond and the unforgettable ‘Are You Fine?’ by Kyau & Albert. Enjoy!

Reloop Sessions 31 - Cover

01 | FULL TILT Take Me Away [Le Reaux Introduction Edit]
02 | ANSWER42 Dew Point [Martin Roth’s Evening Dew Remix]
03 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS TRANQUILITY BASE Razorfish [Jerome Isma-Ae Remix]
04 | WHO.IS We.Are [Original Mix]
05 | BOXER Utah Beach [Original Mix]
06 | ESTIVA Foreverland [Original Mix]
07 | BRAIMAN & FALCON Serenity [Original Mix]
08 | AERIS What Do You Feel? [Re:Locate vs. Robert Nickson Bangin’ Mix]
09 | DAVID WEST FT. ANDREAS HERMANSSON Larry Mountains 54 [Juventa Remix]
10 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Beautiful Together [Signalrunners Perfect Century Remix]
11 | ABOVE & BEYOND Stealing Time [Above & Beyond Deep Club Mix]
12 | KYAU & ALBERT Are You Fine? [Original Mix]
13 | DANIEL KANDI #Trancefamily [Original Mix]
14 | MAOR LEVI Lital [Daniel Kandi Remix]
15 | SUNCATCHER Ocean City [Original Mix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 30 [2CD]

Hello and welcome to 2013. To make sure we don’t make any mistakes while kicking off this new year, I decided to take one step ahead and present you with the first Reloop Sessions of 2013. The recipe is unchanged from 2012 and we keep on going like this for the rest of this year. Because why would you change a winning team? They always claim that you shouldn’t do that, so we don’t. Thirty unbelievable tracks in two continuous mixes for this celebratory 30th edition. And I’m not gonna stop. And keep an eye out on this blog for the new Infinitive 2013 series and also a new project, kicking off early February 2013: Electronic Essence. Like us!

Reloop Sessions 30 - Cover


01 | SOUNDPRANK The Time Machine [Timeless Intro Edit]
02 | SHAWN MITISKA FT. HANNAH RAY Salt [Original Vocal Mix]
03 | OCEANLAB VS. MIKE SHIVER If I Could Fly On The Surface [Daniel Kandi Mashup]
04 | JAYTECH Multiverse [Mimax Remix]
05 | JAN MARTIN Lost Tonight [Willem de Roo & Stunson Dub Mix]
06 | TENISHIA Shores of Eden [Original Mix]
07 | JJOO & KEVIN CHARM Dreaming In Slow Motion [Johnny Yono Remix]
08 | RIGHT FACE Pink Sand [Mike Danis Remix]
09 | PAUL PEARSON Eternally [Original Mix]
10 | DASH BERLIN FT. SOLID SESSIONS Janeiro [Signum Remix]
11 | BOOM JINX & OLIVER SMITH Sunrise [Volume Six Edit]
12 | TRITONAL FT. CRISTINA SOTO Still With Me [Suncatcher Remix]
13 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. JULIE THOMPSON My Enemy [Club Mix]
14 | ARMIN VAN BUUREN FT. ANA CRIADO I’ll Listen [John O’Callaghan Dark Mix]
15 | ALY & FILA FT. JWAYDAN We Control The Sunlight [Original Mix]


01 | JAYTECH & JAMES GRANT Moth [Martin Roth Remix]
02 | MATT DAREY FT. KATE LOUISE SMITH Still Waters [Colorless Remix]
03 | ANDREW BAYER Polylith [Original Mix]
04 | JAYTECH Delta [Original Mix]
05 | ESTIVA & CARDINAL FT. ARIELLE MAREN Wait Forever [Estiva Mix]
06 | ADAM SZABO Arcade [Willem de Roo Remix]
07 | ESTIVA FT. JOSIE Better Days [Norin & Rad Remix]
08 | REEVES Dreams [Jon O’Bir Remix]
09 | BRONING Solaris [Original Mix]
10 | TRITONAL & SIBICKY Suzu [Ben Gold Remix]
11 | CHAPTER XJ Believe [Matt Bukovski Remix]
12 | TEMPLE ONE Walk The Line [Original Mix]
13 | FALCON Aquila [Original Mix]
14 | CHRIS METCALFE Watching Over Me [Original Mix]
15 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H WITH HANNAH When I Close My Eyes [Aly & Fila Remix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 29

I’m back with another part in the Reloop Sessions series. Again spun 15 tracks together a while ago and now it’s ready for sharing. I even almost forgot about this one. The recipe is the usual: 15 incredible bangers widly selected from my vast collection of trance music. This time with tracks like ‘Quadcore’, thumping prog by Johnny Yono with ‘Retaliate’, out on Always Alive Recordings and melodies by Genix with ‘Nytra’. Also featured is the Universal Religion Volume 6 anthem ‘Retrospection’ by Matt Bukovski, a very beautiful remix of the already stunning ‘I Can Hear You’ by Egyptian masterminds Aly & Fila, featuring vocals by Sue McLaren. Enjoy these 86,5 minute trip of amazing tunes!

01 | JAYTECH Pyramid [Dinka Mix]
02 | MAT ZO Frequency Flyer [Original Mix]
04 | JOHNNY YONO Retaliate [Original Mix]
05 | GENIX Nytra [Original Mix]
06 | BLUESTONE Runway [Original Mix]
07 | SOUL & SENSES Natural Symbiosis [Club Mix]
08 | ECO Desert Song [Original Mix]
10 | WILL HOLLAND FT. JEZA Every Heartbeat [Matt Bukovski Remix]
11 | MATT EVERSON Heist Manoeuvre [Original Mix]
12 | MATT BUKOVSKI Retrospection [Original Mix]
13 | ALY & FILA FT. SUE MCLAREN I Can Hear You [Den Rize & Mark Andrez Remix]
14 | PULSER In My World [Activa Remix]
15 | MATT BOWDIDGE The Path [Original Mix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 28

Back with the 28th part in the live Reloop Sessions. Again a 15-track live recorded mix, live from my own bedroom. I stuck to my first CD container this time which resulted in bangers that go back 2 years at least. Absolute beauties with a certain Balearic feel to it such as ‘Never Fade Away’ (remixed by Andy Diguid) and ‘Sea of Lights’, once featured on the Magic Island compilation. Also Arty’s debut on Anjunabeats of which I just can’t get enough: ‘Rush’. Other instant classics such as ‘The Great Escape’ and revised true classics such as ‘The Beauty of Silence’ and ‘Platinum’ are included. Closure is done in true uplifting and Mediterranean atmosphere with ‘Anjunabeach’ and ‘Overseas’. Enjoy this small trip to the past!

01 | LEON BOLIER St. Kilda [Original Mix]
02 | BT FT. JES Every Other Way [Whelan & Di Scala Remix]
03 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN FT. LO-FI SUGAR Never Fade Away [Andy Diguid Remix]
04 | WALSH & MCAULEY FT. ANTONIA LUCAS Sea of Lights [Magic Island Rework]
05 | ARTY Rush [Original Mix]
06 | FABIO XB & RONNY PLAY FT. GABRIEL CAGE Inside of You [Cosmic Gate Remix]
07 | RANK 1 & JOCHEN MILLER The Great Escape [Extended Mix]
08 | SVENSON & GIELEN The Beauty of Silence [W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg Remix]
09 | MATT CASSAR PRESENTS MOST WANTED Seven Days and One Week [Myon & Shane 54 Remix]
10 | NENES & PASCAL FELIZ Platinum [Ben Gold Remix]
11 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN FT. JOSIE Out of Nowhere [Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Remix]
12 | DANIEL KANDI PRESENTS TIMMUS Symphonica [Original Mix]
13 | LEON BOLIER & MARCUS SCHOSSOW 2099 [Breakfast Remix]
14 | ABOVE & BEYOND Anjunabeach [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
15 | HENRIK CHRISTENSEN Overseas [Akesson Remix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 27

Again time for a Reloop Sessions. Not that’s in been a while but good music is never bad. Again a mix containing 15 incredible productions from the nation that is trance music. Kicking off with a re-discovered beauty from OceanLab, remixed by illustrious Finnish producer Michael Cassette, creating a progressive stunner like nothing else. Then followed by the never missing sounds of Dinka, Dutch rising star Radion6 with ‘Lost in Space’ and another remix by LTN, who is on a run as of late. Further down we find a kick-ass remix by Omnia of Ashley Wallbridge’s production ‘Bang The Drum’ with supporting vocals by Audrey Gallagher, two great remixes by Myon & Shane 54 both with totally different sounds. Closing down with Opt-in with another production that just can’t go wrong and a thumping final act by John O’Callaghan and Sneijder. Irish power full stop! Also; this time you can download the split version of the mix. I somehow deleted the continuous one. You can still enjoy the mix in full effect, but now with the tracks split. Enjoy!

01 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Come Home [Michael Cassette Remix]
02 | DINKA Aircraft [Original Mix]
03 | RADION6 Lost In Space [Original Mix]
04 | FREDDA L. FT. SANDRA PASSERO Charades [LTN Remix]
05 | JUVENTA Dionysia [Skytech Remix]
06 | THOMAS G Solar System [Mosahar Remix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. RICHARD BEDFORD Every Little Beat [Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix]
09 | FABIO XB FT. YVES DE LACROIX Close To The Stars [Myon & Shane 54 Remix]
10 | ECO The Light In Your Eyes Went Out [Lemon & Einar K Remix]
11 | MIROSLAV VRLIK Still In Love [Myk Bee Remix]
12 | ADAM SZABO Serano [Original Mix]
13 | STONEFACE & TERMINAL Super Nature [Original Mix]
14 | OPT-IN Projections Behind [Original Mix]
15 | JOHN O’CALLAGHAN Smokescreen [Sneijder Remix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 26

Already the 26th ‘official’ Reloop Sessions. Recorded a while back, no chance to upload it earlier, but here it is. Featuring a nice blend between uplifting and progressive influenced tracks. Examples are the quite brilliant ‘Piercing The Fog’ by The Blizzard, Juventa & Willem de Roo’s re-creation of Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi’s nominee for Tune Of The Year ‘Azzura’ and Rave Channel’s ‘Illusion’. All in all a lot to like. Enjoy!

01 | ANDREW BAYER From The Earth [Club Mix]
02 | THE BLIZZARD Piercing The Fog [Original Mix]
03 | SOLARITY Primordial [Original Mix]
04 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. RICHARD BEDFORD On My Way To Heaven [Lenno Remix]
05 | CRESSIDA 6AM [Kyau & Albert Remix]
06 | BOOM JINX & DANIEL KANDI Azzura [Juventa vs. Willem de Roo Remix]
07 | W&W Invasion (ASOT550 Anthem) [Club Mix]
08 | RAVE CHANNEL Illusion [Original Mix]
09 | ICO And She Made It All Of Light [Nerutto Remix]
10 | SEAN TYAS Banshee [Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix]
11 | D-MAD & EXIMINDS Will Be Friends [Andrew Rayel Remix]
12 | SUPER8 Cre8 [Mike Saint-Jules Remix]
13 | LIGHT ON Waterfall [Type 41’s Life Remix]
14 | TRITONAL FT. CRISTINA SOTO Hands To Hold Me [Temple One Remix]

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Le Reaux presents: Reloop Sessions 25 [2CD]

To me, 25 is also a celebratory number, so because of that I decided to mix together 2 ‘Anniversary’ CDs in the Reloop Sessions series. Not two CDs with two specific genres, something I did before, but just 2 CDs with ‘regular’ build-up from progressive to uplifting. And again I managed (not to pad myself on the shoulder) to mix together two astonishing collections of tracks. Starting with the illusive ‘UFO’ by Komytea, quickly followed by progressive vocal beauties ‘Counting On Love’, ‘Exemption’ and ‘Slow To Learn’. The last one is a remix by Maor Levi and is a way better interpretation of the original than the one he made of Super8’s classic ‘Alba’ only a few weeks ago. CD1 continues with classic beauties such as Oliver Smith’s remix of OceanLab’s ‘Ashes’ and one of few great productions of Jochen Miller; ‘Lost Connection’. CD1 closes with a John O’Callaghan remix what makes the almost certain tune of the year even better. CD2 kicks off with more progressive beauty with Beat Service, a classic by Envio, vocal perfection by Shogun and Hannah Ray, new material from Norin & Rad, and the stunning release of 2011 by Above & Beyond. And again CD2 is closed down with some stunning uplifting tunes such as ‘Cala Bassa’ and ‘Telic (Part One)’. All in all much to enjoy. So do so!


01 | KOMYTEA UFO [Original Mix]
02 | D-MAD FT. EMMA LOCK Counting On Love [Wellenrausch Remix]
03 | JAN MARTIN Exemption [Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix]
04 | SUPER8 & TAB FT. JAN BURTON Slow To Learn [Maor Levi Club Mix]
05 | DANIEL KANDI Insert Generic Title [Daniel Kandi vs. Dennis Pedersen Remix]
06 | GARETH EMERY Tokyo [Ben Gold Remix]
07 | SUSANA & MAX GRAHAM Down To Nothing [Original Mix]
08 | MARK ETESON Blackboard [Jon O’Bir Remix]
09 | ABOVE & BEYOND PRESENTS OCEANLAB Ashes [Oliver Smith Remix]
10 | JOCHEN MILLER Lost Connection [Original Mix]
11 | ADAM WHITE & ANDY MOOR PRESENT WHITEROOM The White Room [Myon & Shane 54 Refill]
12 | BART CLAESSEN & DAVE SCHIEMANN Madness [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
13 | MIKE KOGLIN VS. P.O.S Autumn [Neptune Project Remix]
14 | SEBASTIAN BRANDT Mana [Original Mix]
15 | GARETH EMERY FT. CHRISTINA NOVELLI Concrete Angel [John O’Callaghan Remix]


01 | BEAT SERVICE FT. GEMMA PAVLOVIC Masquerade [Sunn Jellie Remix]
02 | ENVIO For You [The Blizzard Remix]
03 | SHOGUN FT. HANNAH RAY Nadia [Extended Mix]
04 | ANDREW BAYER & MATT LANGE FT. KERRY LEVA In And Out Of Phase [Norin & Rad Remix]
05 | AUDIEN & GRIFF O’NEILL Daybreak [Original Mix]
06 | ALEX M.O.R.P.H & CHRISS ORTEGA Ocean Drive [Protoculture Remix]
07 | NASH & PEPPER Panamarenko [Mr. K’s Original Mix]
08 | ABOVE & BEYOND FT. RICHARD BEDFORD Thing Called Love [Above & Beyond 2011 Club Mix]
10 | MIROSLAV VRLIK Love In Us [Manuel Rocca Levitated Remix]
11 | SUSANA & JORN VAN DEYNHOVEN Never Mine [Sean Bayer Remix]
12 | DANIEL KANDI Venice Beach [Lifted Mix]
13 | CHRIS METCALFE Cala Bassa [A.R.D.I. Remix]
14 | ACTIVA Telic (Part One) [Original Mix]
15 | AHMED ROMEL City of Life [Running Man Remix]

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