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Welcome Back!

Hello World!

I’ve given my own blog a look and found out that I didn’t really do much with it over the past 10 months. I posted all my mixes on other forums and uploaded every single one of them on to MixCloud, but I never posted anything here anymore. Don’t know why, it’s just that embarrassing to say that I totally forgot about my own blog.

But now the end of the year approaches and I needed a good place to put my year mix and all that comes with it. And I promised myself that in 2012 I will fully take use of my own blog again. Weird promise I know. I’m working on my 2011 World Tour which will be released on Christmas Day December 25th. Here’s a preview of that:

Like it says in the preview; the mix will feature 100 tracks spread across 4 CDs. Trust me, even choosing 100 tracks is agony. I didn’t have much faith in this years releases, but it worked out quite well overall.

So see you soon and enjoy the preview for now. In the meantime, I will post other mixes online such as my continuous dedication to Anjunabeats. Something like a musical worship.

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